International workshop on variations and series of mathematical problems

Budapest, 26-28 avril 2018

Coorganisé et soutenu par Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest et l’Académie des Sciences hongroises, labex HASTEC (projet « séries de problèmes »), les IREM de Paris Nord et de Lyon, l’ESPE de l’académie de Créteil

Organisatrice Katalin Gosztonyi


Problems are traditionally the focus of many researches in mathematics education as well as in history of mathematics. While in many cases these researches treat problems in isolation, some recent projects concentrate on sets of problems, their organization, their variations and the links between them. Thus, historians in the HASTEC project examine the coherency and meaning of mathematical texts written as series of problems and solutions – this kind of textual organization being attested from antiquity to the present day and found in many different cultural contexts. In mathematics education, these questions appear in several different ways. Projects like the French DREAM try to construct long term teaching processes based on problems. In Hungary, where a strong tradition based on problems and mathematical discovery exists, current projects examine the role of series of problems in these teaching traditions: the way in which teaching and learning activities depend on the coherent ordering of problems. Several current mathematics education researches gain inspiration in the Chinese “variation method”. In these cases, questions of cultural transmission arise: for example, an Italian project examines the possibilities to adapt this Chinese method to the Italian context.

The aim of the interdisciplinary and international meeting organized in Budapest is to exchange about these different projects and perspectives: while they have neither exactly the same objects of study nor the same methodologies, there is enough proximity between these points of view and approaches to confront them. This dialogue should yields new perspectives and cross fertilization of our research perspectives.

This meeting is also an opportunity for the concrete encounter between various mathematics teaching cultures. Each of the participating groups and projects are mixed groups, composed of teachers, teacher trainers and researchers ‑ these qualities being not exclusive from each other. This professional diversity will also contribute to the variety of views that the meeting aims to confront.

Plus de details sur l’argument et les interventions sur le site du workshop:


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